Even though I’m not korean I still feel at loss hearing about this tragedy. And hearing Jonghyun’s words about the Sewol Ferry tragedy on Blue Night gives me a glimpse about their pain, just a glimpse and it still makes me want to cry. I’m sincerely praying for the families and rescuers.

Minho tends to fly under the radar a lot for me, which I don’t understand because he is a total sweetheart. I think Hello Baby is what really made me fall in love with him (allllll the feels!), but he is just a wonderful person.

Whenever I hear one of our boys speak English, it’s like I’m hearing their voice for the first time all over again.

I don’t know if my feels will be able to handle it if Onew is cast in “Singin’ in the Rain.” It just warms my heart to think that he would be starring in one of my all-time favorite musicals. I hope it’s true!

I wish SHINee would do more OT5 activities. I think they’re all doing great at their own individual projects right now, but I just really miss seeing them as a whole.

I’ve slowly been drifting away from the Kpop fandom lately— none of the new songs or groups really catch me at all. I feel like the only thing keeping me from leaving completely is SHINee. They were such a huge part of my life for a period of time and I just can’t let them go yet.

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I don’t think people get it when I say “SHINee is my strength”. But it’s so true. I’m proud to say that I’m a Shawol and I always will be, especially after all they’ve done for me by just existing.

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Before I thought that Jongkey ship was a little to exagerated, but they themselves prove me wrong, especially Jonghyun.

You have something to confess don’t you?



Queue be empty …

I feel jealous of Arisa that she is on we go married with key for some reason I think that since he’s on that show he going to get attached or something like if they actually were married and then we wont get a chance does that make me selfish?

(It doesn’t make you selfish at all, but in my opinion a bit delusional maybe? I mean.. It’s only a show…)

I love seeing Shinee hugging eatchother.

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I like how Taemin watches his hyungs doing childish stuffsand probably judging them inside, just as he told on Yoo Hee Yeol’s sketchbook he wacthed them grow old. ( and insane XP).

It’s so funny seeing Jjong doing Sunmi’s Full Moon choreography with his bulging arms.

I’m pretty sure that my obsession with Onew holding an orangutan is not normal, and let me not start with him being sleeveless and wet in the Jungle. (Really admin M your blog is killing my MVP feels XD)

Ok I cant get my head around the fact that jjong wasn’t in wss (yeah still on that). I mean im not a shawol by any means but without one member it makes it seem like SM its really all about the money and that’s sad.